Will JME3 work for my project

Hi guys, I’m looking for a usable 3D engine to do some model visualization. I want to be able to load several .3ds files and play with textures/materials for the models. Can JME3 load .3ds files? I saw that JME2 could. Would that be a good enough alternative if JME3 can’t? Thanks

You very well could, but be aware that most of the importers for jme2 are just that, importers, so you cannot save the changed models after you change them except in the native jme2 format. Most formats could not even properly store all jme object/material info. Also, not all of the importers are working properly with all models, most of the jme2 importers are external projects that depend on their creators will to improve them :confused: jME3 only officially supports OgreXML and Wavefront OBJ for now.

Hope this helps,


If you want to write your own 3ds importer/exporter, it should be easy enough I think. The specs are available online.