Will the latest release of Lemur work with latest jME beta?

Title says it all, I’m wanting to mess with Lemur a bit since pretty much every other GUI system is abandoned. Is the latest Lemur release functional with jME3.1 beta, or is it for use with 3.0 stable? I would guess stable, as that makes more sense to develop for, but I can’t find anything that definitively says which.

Yes of course, you can use.

Lemur works with JME 3.1 and requires it. In fact, Lemur 1.6 I think was the last version that would work with pre-3.1 alpha 4.

At any time, you can see what the minimum supported version is in the latest Lemur by looking in the gradle build file. (Or the published pom.xml if that’s the language you speak…)