Will there be freebsd natives for jme3?

My question is will freebsd natives be included with jme3?  Most of my issues deal with how LWJGL is shipped w/ jME 2 & 3.

Currently for jME2:

*I would like to run jME2 under native freebsd svn LWJGL, but I get complaints about direct buffers.  It appears jME 2 works w/ a particular version of LWJGL.

*The current shipped linux alsa libopenal.so will not work with the freebsd linuxulator.  The work around is  to copy/replace alsa libopenal.so with oss libopenal.so.  This is currently how I use jME 2 in the linux jre (yes I have 2 jre/jdks)

Now the problem is that the natives are embedded in a jar file for jme3.  I think what I may try is recreating jME3-lwjgl-native.jar and swap the alsa for oss libopenal.so so I can get jme3 to work under the linuxulator.  Build files in svn LWJGL have just been updated to allow freebsd builds.  Patches for JOGL2 build files are complete and will be committed in a week or two.  I can patch up jogl1 if that's what jme3 uses.  Would be nice if I could avoid doing this and run natively.


I can add a check to see if the OS is Freebsd and not extract OpenAL in that case. As for as LWJGL goes, I am going to use the latest version when it comes out. Seeing as how the latest Java update killed LWJGL applets, a new release is likely to be very soon.