Wind effect in JME3

i wanna create wind physics and water effect in JME3.

ill use this for Android Game.<br /> When i search 'Wind' in svn --><br /><br /> <br /> This class extend simplegame.<br /> And this import not com.jme3 but com.jme.*<br /> Whats hierarchy of jme and jme3?

jme = old (jme2 at the latest)

jme3 = new

@pspeed said:
jme = old (jme2 at the latest)
jme3 = new

Then You mean that jme3 include jme(old version)?

such physics could be too expensive for mobile devices… imho.

@jjwsd said:
Then You mean that jme3 include jme(old version)?

No, I mean:
jme ~= Windows 3.1
jme3 ~= MacOS or (insert super modern easier to use OS here)

If you need old jme2 stuff then you would have to port it.

…oh… i expect about that problem…

Then, how can i realize wind and water effect in mobile?

i`m so confused this issue. Please suggest the direction for creating wind and water effect in Android…

And by that, I meant to illustrate the differences… not limit them to a particular OS. JME3 runs on all kinds of OSes.

JME2 is old now and in comparison to JME3 is kind of hard to use. JME3 is new and doesn’t include that old crufty stuff.

There is no built in support for wind in modern JME. You will have to write it yourself, I guess.

…and even then it might be too much for an Android device to handle depending on how you do it. Some wind is easy and more of a trick. Some wind is hard. And that’s sort of the problem with trying to include it by default… there are any number of ways to simulate wind and beyond some toy implementation it’s difficult to figure out which one would fit everyone.


Thank you for your advise^^.

Wind which i’ll create is easy and simple. Moreover my wind doesn`t have noise only have strength and direction(2D-axis not 3D-axis).

So i wander how i make that my Plane(ex, sail of boat) will bend by wind(2D-axis) naturally.

i think i should make this effect by using Blender animation.

Blender animation is probably the easiest way.

yes. i think like that ^^