Window Position?

I have a question, I’ve not been able to find any function or way to do this. I must be over looking this.
In opengl you can call glfwSetWindowPos to set the window position, of course there is another way of doing this though opengl.

I’ve not figured out if you create a windowed display, where does JME figure out where to display it. I guess it looks like it centers it. But if you want to overwrite that, what are the calls?


What I’ve found is Display.setLocation(posX, posY);, is there a better way, or is this how it is suppose to be done.

I do it before simpleapplication start() function.


Looks like LWJGL 2 thing, the static Display class. Just that you know if one day you want to switch. In LWJGL 3 one would do this via GLFW, but I don’t think jME has built-in support for such. Shouldn’t be that hard to create though :wink:

Yes. I couldn’t locate anything inside JME3.4 for window position. I couldn’t locate any of the opengl function calls that do this in JME3.4

Just to be clear if you would go ahead and implement this. For LWJGL 2 one would propably just use the Display class, for LWJGL 3 one would use GLFW (GLFW: Window guide). And the jME API for these would maybe be in JmeContext.

Looking at the code, jME just centers the window by default if not full screen. These could maybe be stored to AppSettings, or given as parameters.