Window saying 429 OK?

Hi guys! I was trying to reply to a thread but then a window appeared saying “429 OK”. Did I found an easter egg, or did I broke something?

I think that is an object creation error.If you had a very lengthy post try to prune it back some or try posting 2 messages.

Our forum randomly takes a dump and no one knows how to fix it. It’s the same reason you occasionally have to reload a page to get content to show.

We have a very fancy new forum with this bug that no one seems to know how to solve but apparently we are the only one who has it… else I guess fancy new forum software wouldn’t be so popular.

Thanks for the replys! @failfarm my message had only nearly 40 words. I don’t think it was that.

HTTP 429 is a rate limit error, I can only speculate but maybe the bug has something to do with “too many requests”. Obviously it is a bug but maybe triggered by mistaken double click on a submit button or maybe the page contains too many ajax components or similar.

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