Window with a canvas in it

Is it possible to create a window with NiftyGui and have a jME canvas within that window?

I’m not sure how to explain it in the right terms :roll: it would be for a terain designer. I’m kind of unfamiliar with gui’s and don’t know if I should learn swing and niftygui or just nifty. I don’t want to use swing only because it looks well… ugly.

Nifty can only exist within a jme context, so basically your only option with nifty alone is to have your gui designed in a way taht looks like it has a viewport, in reality it just what is behind theg ui already

I see, well I just found an example on setting up jme in a swing window so that won’t be very hard but when you say nifty can only exist within a jme context would that also mean that when you make a canvas within swing that you cant use nifty outside of that canvas?


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Bummer, well thanks anyway.

One small last question, is the swing gui editor present in jmp? I can’t seem to find it :wink:

You can install it via Tools->Plugins

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