Winter, Snow

Winter is coming. It´s snowing in the mid of Sweden. Now it´s gonna be dark, cold and frozen util mars. …Just thought you want to know.

…And, @androlo, How are you going to tackle the snow? javascript:insert_tag(‘forum-topic-form’,‘topic_text’,’:)’,’’);

Last was ment(hope this will do it). :slight_smile:

It’s a good opportunity to study light and shadows I think. Not gonna do any snow stuff in biomonkey. At least not for some time. Perhaps with the weather system, but the atmospheric stuff in biomonkey is secondary, and does not have to be used.

I have been looking at multiple texture layer types for terrains tho. Like one or two layers that is painted on top of the regular layers and can be partially transparent (layers of fallen leaves for example, or snow, or w/e).

Hmm I remember posting some falling snow stuff in the old forester thread. There even was a demo that could be downloaded, I think it was up on ATI’s site. Gonna search for it.