WIP- Got Balls?

Lucky me i was able to get some free time to start with a small project.

Goal of the game is to climp the tower and collect the money you find. (Money is currently in the yellow boxes).

Each of the levels contains 10 levels and the tower sinks into water. (As faster as higher the level)

To make things even worse fireballs are protecting each level. But you are a lucky ball, you can duck so that the fire doesn’t hit you.

Pointing will use following calculation. Nr of level* ((TimeNeeded / PossibleMoney)*GotMoney)

As you can see if you collecting money brings many points.

Here is a short video of the level 1.


Whats left to do?
Textures of the boxes, textures of the moneyboxes, textures of the already taken moneyboxes, fireball textures.
Server and website for collecting the stats.

How will the game be released?

The game itself will be for free of course. But we are thinking about making a tournament where you can enter paying 1€. The winner after 1 or two months will get a SSD. (If there are more then 500 partecipiants. the SSD gets upgraded to a netbook)
Well thats the plan. Hopefully we get over 120 partecipiants so that we get back the cost for the SSD :(

What do you think, what are my possibilitys for such a project to break even?

You need advertisement, but the game looks great. Good concept and smooth gameplay.

That looks cool, good job!

looks really good man, I really like the simple game play, its very clever.

Your chances to break even should be guaranteed, put a clause in the Terms and Conditions that state no prizes will be awarded if entry numbers are not high enough… you always have to protect yourself.

It may help to change the cost of entry based on what prize is offered, so make it cheaper to enter early on, this will encourage people to enter (its always hardest to get people interested early), then as entry numbers rise and the prize becomes more substantial, people will be required to pay more to try and win. Of course people who already entered at the cheaper price will still be in the running.

Yeah lol, you might even add that whoever wins, must buy you a netbook. After all, who reads the Terms and Conditions? Jokes aside, good luck with this game man.

Hello folks.

I was busy rewriting the game to allow easy changes. Now i am happy with the software design. Additioanlly the collision handling is now done with bullet

Features added: Elevator’s and Enemys which reverse the gravity