WIP Hex Engine – Camera Update Video [New Video]

I have been doing heaps of work on improving the UI, and on boring AI systems, so to take a break from all that I added a more comprehensive camera + screen shot system…


The 5 screen shots taken during the video can be viewed at http://imgur.com/a/GUDSn.

All the added controls are on the mouse scroll wheel, press to change mode, reef on the wheel to change the value, it's vaguely like using the controls on a real camera.

I really cranked the blur amounts in the video because I figured it would get washed out and lost, it works heaps better when using more subtle values.

Basic description of the ui : http://i.imgur.com/WUmDC.png


Awesome stuff man, your games are benchmarks for jME3 visuals, really :slight_smile:

This is insanely cool!

hehehe PaparazziAppState

Nice work !!

cheers :slight_smile:

This looks great!

@thetoucher: Camera + Lens +Tilt shift for real :stuck_out_tongue:

thats pretty kewl :slight_smile:

Your game looks awesome! :slight_smile:

Hey @thetoucher, for the love of the Tilt Shift (I’m a tilt-shift adicted guy)

I got a really nice (but not so fast) FocusBlur (as you saw in UDK :p) , I think It will definitely shine in your capture system, so take a look:




uniform float size; // is the size of the blur bokeh

uniform float dx; // 1 / screen_width

uniform float dy; // 1 / screen_height

uniform sampler2D RT; // is your RenderTarget or your scene with alpha is depth.

// tweak it with focus range, and other things like you already done!

uniform sampler2D Blur0; // a blur gausian blur (or other method) version of the scene.

varying vec2 vTexCoord;


// F

vec3 f(sampler2D tex, vec2 texcoord, float blurmoc, float stepx, float stepy)


vec4 color = 0;

vec4 c;

vec3 lc;

float l;

if (blurmoc < 0.1)


color.rgb = texture2D(tex, texcoord).rgb;




if (blurmoc < 100)


float stepnum = 12.000000;

float ay = -stepy * stepnum/2 + stepy/2;

float ax = -stepx * stepnum/2 + stepx/2;

float[30] l_mul =float[30](

0.981373 ,0.990196 ,0.990196

,0.924510 ,0.399020 ,1.000000

,1.000000 ,1.000000 ,1.000000

,0.264706 ,0.793137 ,1.000000

,1.000000 ,1.000000 ,1.000000

,0.572549 ,0.960784 ,1.000000

,1.000000 ,1.000000 ,1.000000

,0.839216 ,0.188235 ,0.860784

,1.000000 ,1.000000 ,0.781373

,0.129412 ,0.614706 ,0.585294);

for (int i = 0; i < 30; i++){

if ((i==4)||(i==10)||(i==16)||(i==22)||(i==28)){

ay += stepy * 2;

ax = -stepx * stepnum/2 + stepx/2;

} else {

ax += stepx * 2;


c = texture2D(tex, texcoord + vec2(ax, ay) * blurmoc);

l = 0.3 * c.r + 0.59 * c.g + 0.11 * c.b + 0.05;

l = (ll l_mul) * c.a;

color.rgb += c.rgb * l;

color.a += l;





//color = focus_blur1();


color.rgb /= color.a;


return color.rgb;



void main(void)


float blurmoc = texture2D(Blur0, vTexCoord.xy).a;

blurmoc *= size;

vec3 res;

res = f(RT, vTexCoord.xy, blurmoc, dx, dy);

gl_FragColor = vec4(res.rgb, 1);



I have a RenderMonkey project here and I could share if you like!

( @mifth check this out :stuck_out_tongue: )

Hmmm… I thought he was just using the DepthOfFieldFilter that’s already a part of JME.

Is there something about it that doesn’t do what you want? It seems to make similar pictures to what you have but without the artifacts.

:roll: the bokeh are pentagons or hexagons now… My image and bokeh are so small sorry

And the lighter pixel is highlighted…

Is the same shader which used here



Look pretty nice with some lensfare or highlight background


@pspeed is right, as aways, it was just basically a wrapper for the DepthOfFieldFilter .

thanks @atomix, you inspired me to work on an alternate filter this morning :slight_smile:


- Physically Accurate DoF (with different camera sensor or film sizes)
- Focal Length and Aaperture Iris Diameter (f-stop)
- Bokeh
- Chromatic Aberration
- Auto focus

The 9 screen shots taken during the video can be seen at http://imgur.com/a/6HOoi
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@thetoucher :

super awesome man!

That shader is more advanced! … And how can you make extra quads for highlight details?

@atomix cheers mate… there are no extra quads? it’s all done in the pixel shader.

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A big WOW for me in the morning for that

@thetoucher said:

@atomix cheers mate… there are no extra quads? it’s all done in the pixel shader.