WiP new website


  • Added simethereal and monkeynetty to the feature list
  • Changed top menu buttons
  • Changed text in top banner
  • Added comments by embedding discourse
  • Some fixes in padding and margins
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I can make them bigger, but the problem is that the icons do not align perfectly, because they have different styles, i think the current version looks better, but you are free to try it out with the devconsole and show your proposal.

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Now the author page shows random showcased content from the author in the top banner, if it exists, otherwise nothing.

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I made some more changes to the top menu.
Now the icons will expand when the mouse is moved over them

and the mobile version will always show the main menu as icons, while hiding only the right menu


I think at this point the website is done.
Unless you guys have some more suggestion I will deploy it on our homepage


Awesome work you’ve put in! Great job.

It looks so good! Unique style! :+1:

Looks great. I think you should deploy it.