WIP: [Petabot] – Contest Entry


I want to introduce my Game, named Petabot, for the Beta Game contest.

Petabot will a tactial multiplayer based game, in witch you fight against a AI (Bot).

You will be able to play it at a Local LAN-Party or even over the internet.

Up to date you can shoot, throw grenades and you have a minimap.

The next steps will be the adding of Multiplayer and some small test behaviors of the AI.


If you want to test the game please write me a PM with the reason why you want to test it.

Currently I’am up to the GUI.


Greets Kernproblem + small Team


sounds really cool, best of luck to you :slight_smile:

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Good Job :).

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Looking good. If you need any help regarding the rules, just ask. Good luck.

(Regarding testing, you would benefit if you just uploaded a demo on here.)

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Just uploaded a “demo” (its on only playable and newest version ) Petabot01-6.

On the start GUI the connect thing dosen’t do anythink yet!

Download here: http://bit.ly/vPofkG

Have fun and give feedback!


I like it. However, one small glitch I found was that, sometimes, the player becomes partially white, while the other part remains black. This is rather frequent and should be looked into.

Regarding movement, I think it is a bad idea that down is always down. What I mean is that it is more convenient that up is forward, down is backward, and left and right strafe. This is seen in many FPS or top-down shooters, and if I were you, I wouldn’t change it. This makes it rather unnatural for players.

Apart from these, everything looks fine.

Good Luck :slight_smile:

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The “glitch” exists because the player is a test model to see if everything with the walk and viewdirection works :), i will ake other models! ( the current was made in like a minute only for dev)

Hmm, i don’t get what you mean… should i rotate the cam everytime i shoot ? :smiley:

Ahh, i forgot,

please post your FramesPerSecond+CPU-Name+GHz when you download and test it!


For movement, the player should walk towards the direction he is facing when the up key is pressed. For example, if the player is facing ‘East’, when the up key is pressed, the player moves towards ‘East’. When the down key is pressed, the player reverses. This is much more common in games, and more convenient. As it is currently, down means ‘South’, up means ‘North’, right means ‘East’ and left means ‘West’. The direction is there just to shoot.

EDIT: Will post FPS etc… tomorrow. Please send me a message as a reminder.

Hello, nice looking explosion.

Game works fine for me, but sometimes i can shoot trough walls, some bullets go trough some don’t.

I have 71 FPS on win7, i7 970 @ 6x3.2ghz + gtx580

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hey @kernproblem that demo is feeling really good, I had no issues running it Win8 64 nVidia 470.

I have to dissagree with @memonick (who I feel is an increasable hansom and and all round loveable competition judge :wink: ), I like the moment, I have played many top down shooters like this and much prefer the control this gives you, it fits the “twin stick shooter” style, and translates very well for controllers… so why not offer both and let the player choose ?

… and I think what mem is saying, is he would like it so when you press up, the player moves towards the cursor ( the direction you will fire ), rather that up on the screen.

keep the updates coming!

Yeah, I also like this kind of control for controllers especially. Many of the top-down “zombie slaying” etc. games use this. This way you can shoot and walk in separate directions.

@zzuegg yes i’m on this ( i think i read a topic about that today…)

@thetoucher said:
so why not offer both and let the player choose ?

wow i think you can read my mind O.o

@normen in Reallife ( :D ) you can look in one direction but walk in an other direction too!

oh Reallife, I can remember playing that as a kid once…


A couple good examples of the “move in one direction, look in another” type of movement system:

Bloodline Champions (free on Steam or stand-alone, try it!)

Bastion - Available for PC or Xbox. One of my favorite games these days, even though I don’t have time to play it.

By moving towards the direction you are looking at, you also offer 360 movement. If you want to implement a “move in one direction, look in another” type of movement system, make sure you play the games erlend suggested to get a good feel. Good luck, and thanks @thetoucher ^^

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I think i will try the games to get ideas, but have you all any ideas for me for healty of the player?

Some ideas:

-light around the player: getting darker/smaller when less healty

-healty-bar over the player

-healty-bar on the top of the screen

-healty-bar over the cursor

witch one is you favorite?

(any ideas to code the healty over the cursor?)


I like the first idea. It is very original and creative, and opens up a lot of ideas to explore.

FPS : Constant 71

Please, make sure that the resolution will be adjustable and/or the game can start in full screen mode. In windowed mode, I couldn’t see the whole screen at 1024X768.

I liked the way the top-left camera shifts to the grenade. It creates a very nice effect. Also, thanks for the reminder.

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an update will come tomorrow:

-more screen resolutions

-maybe fullscreen

-maybe a test of the light healty

-do not hit flying grenades with a bullet!

@kernproblem I think you, (and everyone) should definitely have a read over Game UI Discoveries: What Players Want on Gamasutra.

It breaks down some fundamental UI concepts and will really help you understand how and why different UI styles do and don’t work, and why and where to use them.