WIP Physically Accurate DOF + Bokeh Filter

Inspired by this post.

Powered by a derivative of this .

very early results :



key features :

  • Physically Accurate DoF (with different camera sensor or film sizes)
  • Focal Length and Aaperture Iris Diameter (f-stop)
  • Bokeh
  • Chromatic Aberration
  • Auto focus

great how is performance?

Performance is ok, (when run in my game, I have done no real testing yet) compared with the standard jME DepthOfFieldFilter :

at lowest samples, 1, it runs a bit slower, but there is no effect so its useless

at decenty quality (18 samples) it runs about 23% slower

at great quality (196 samples) it runs 50% slower.

there is no limit to the quality setting but above 196 there is little visual difference.

It’s still really early on but it looks like it will be much slower than the normal DOF filter, but may be useful for projects targetting good hardware.