WIP "Rollmadness" tutorial

pgi recently started work on a game, apparently called Rollmadness (pgi is notoriously indecisive about naming his projects, so don’t be surprised if this name changes).

While creating this jME3-powered game from scratch pgi has graciously documented his steps and progress along the way, already publishing a first draft of the tutorial, as posted here (direct link to doc)

A lot of early alpha adopters (lovin’ it!) have been asking for a game tutorial in the spirit of the very popular ‘flag rush tutorial’ to kick-start their game development with jME3. There are more guides like these coming, but this is certainly an excellent start. We hope to see a lot of good come out of this. Do note though, that a few practices in this tutorial are not ‘default’, especially with regards to the use of Collada instead of the ogre format. If pgi does a good job with Collada for jME however, the ‘default’ could exapand.

Please bear in mind that pgi’s got a lot of projects on his hands so try balance your support requests up with the more productive kind of feedback that is bug reports and improvement suggestions (game, code, tutorial style etc.). Best case scenario, some of this feedback will spill on over to the engine behind the game :smiley: