[WIP] Survival RPG with elements from Ultima Online

pspeed said:
The only cheat code I used was saying "Yay, I won." and putting it away before even finishing it. ;) I also do that with coin tosses... just shout "heads" and then put the coin right down on heads. It really cuts a lot of useless toil out of life. :)

;) ;) ;)

Somehow I believe that this is the beginning of a modern nihilist life philosophy.... Or not... pfffft. Whateva. :P
pspeed said:
This is so refreshing that I thought it deserved a comment. :)

re: skill versus experience, I too prefer a skill-based model. It reminds me of the old RuneQuest pen-paper role playing system. (/me showing my age) You had like a fifty skills you could build through use... and certain categories of them would automatically go up with a stat increase. So, for example, if your dexterity went up then you might automatically be a little better at climbing.

Though in RuneQuest, you only got an opportunity to increase a skill when you used it in a situation the game master felt was "stressful" in some way... you'd get a little check. Then when you had down time you could roll for an increase. This prevents the Oblivion style "running and jumping everywhere you go" stat maxing but is hard to do in an actual game, I think.

Edit: oh, and you could also specifically train things up... so there was a way to increase without putting yourself in danger all the time. :)

So I take it you.. like the idea? :D

Anyhow.. I am looking for talented developers to contribute to the project. I'm no artist nor am I that great of a programmer.. so I need all the help I can get.