[WIP] Texture Deformation Fragment Shader (Fisheye, Wave, Mag Filter)

Yep… title say nothing about what this will be actually.

Here be the idea:

I’m putting together a series of filters for deforming and manipulating textures via the fragment shader. This should (hopefully) contain all the standard 2d deformsand channel manipulation you would expect to see in a 2d graphics app like, PSP or Photoshop, etc. Eventually, this will be coupled with JME’s lighting fragment shader and used with vertex deform shader I just finished up as a one-stop-shop for animation rendering on the GPU.

Anyways… here is a first run sample of the deform side of it using unshaded textures.

UPDATE: Coming along nicely…

Filters from left to right:

Fisheye static with moving texture

Wave animated with static texture

Mag (mixer) static with moving texture

Can set X & Y depth, size and speed.

Can turn on and off texture movement and deformation animation.




Like planets in Eve-online!

It will be cool if this will be added to LightBlow shader… as you said before.

Don’t forget to get the sourcecode: http://code.google.com/p/jme-glsl-shaders/source/checkout

You need to install Mercurial (svn like). Just install “tortoise hg” for your OS.

hey could be useful as a filter too


@nehon said:
hey could be useful as a filter too

True true... I'll see about adding motion blurs and some other useful bits and convert it to a filter once it is done.

Update video with new deform filters & options.

Thoughts about converting them to post processing filters.

That wave effect, if set with lower settings, would make a really nice underwater effect if applied to the final rendered frame.

The fisheye lens would make a decent peripheral motion blur if used with with a Gaussian blur and then mixed back into the unfiltered final rendered frame.

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