Wire frame and texture at the same time

Hi monkeys,

I need to modify my materials to display the wireframe of a mesh and the textures at the same time. in other world, I need to outline the enveloppe of my geometries.

The toon shader is not what I need because I want to see all edges like a “Line”.

I don’t need to display the diagonals of my triangulated meshes, just the external enveloppe.

I can’t use Lines in addition of my mesh, because the number of geometries is very important.

In the best case, I would like to glow the wireframe.

I think I need to modify the Material parameters but I can’t understand how to do that. Could you help me please?

Thanks in advance !

PS : Here is a picture of what I need to do :

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You can just render the same model twice, once with the texture and once without.