With r6667 I now get a NPE on loadModel("model_here")

[java] Savable[] lodLevelsSavable = in.readSavableArray("lodLevels", null);[/java]

loadLevelsSavable is null.

So when it gets to the next line:

[java]lodLevels = new VertexBuffer[lodLevelsSavable.length];[/java]

I get a NPE.

I tried re-importing the OGRE mesh with same result. Anything has to be done differently when exporting from Blender?

lodLevelsSavable needs to be null checked.

i’ll fix this asap

A work around right now is to import you model using the advanced export and set at least 1 lod level to it

That’s what I thought.


it’s fixed in revision 6676

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Thank you! :slight_smile: