Anyone used the sound implementation i did and it worked???

I ask this because it seems to be not working when I see all your messages :? :expressionless:

OpenAL works ok for me, playing a few sounds and such. Haven't done much more with it. FMOD makes a terrible noise when I try to run TestSoundGraph (maybe I'm using a wrong fmod.dll or something). Also there seems to be a bug in TestStreamPlayer for both (it doesn't do anything here after I pick a directory with sounds in them).

I tried to use sound in a game but positioning multiple sounds caused strange effects (positions/volume of sounds were exchanged or something). Updating positions while a sound was playing seemed to be problematic, too. But I haven't tested it much - e.g. used openAL only. In general it worked somehow. :slight_smile:

i'm having problems in positioning too, especially with the event-model (and i can see that theres a difference in the implementaion, not doing max_distance setting in the event version before play())…

OK thanks for your answers.

I am on it…But as most of you have remarked, I look like a ghost… if you know what I mean

Same as

I have fixed the positioning problems. Now in order to use the same sample from several locations you must have a "handle" for it and add this handle to your node. (The mehod to get a new handle is cloneSample(int)). See the example in TestSoungGraph.

(I think it's time for me to make a documentation)