Woodlands Mini Demo – JME3 Game

Hello everyone,

For the past 6 or so months, my friend and I have been pursuing a year long software engineering course where we were asked to develop a game using technologies of our choice. We had never coded anything in a 3D context before, let alone developed a game in 3D, but nevertheless we were up for the challenge. Our choice, obviously, was JMonkeyEngine 3. At first, the whole process was very daunting and scary, but eventually we began assimilating the concepts and became a lot smoother. The reason I say this is because we were not able to complete what we set out to do, but we are still very happy with what we were able to achieve and learn in the span of 6 months.

I just want to take the time to thank all the community, the people who helped us out and took the time to reply to our posts when we were in difficult times. A special thanks goes to Sploreg, who without knowing us and with the minimal experience we had, took the time to help us out numerous times (and saved our butts once more just before the deadline!). And special thanks to Igor Koltsov (http://ik3d.cghub.com/) and Amanda Montaque (http://amanda03.cghub.com/) for an enormous help effort with the art in the game.

So here is a little video I made really quick to give you a quick demo of where we are at with the game. The plan is to finish the game, but as it is right now, we’re taking a little break from the very hectic last month.




Looks really good, great work! I can see a whole heap of different systems working together there, which represents a lot of work.

How much work is involved in finishing the game ?

Hey, looks good. Yeah, theres lots of functionality already, you had big plans here :slight_smile:

Wow, that is a great project. This is Heroes of Might and Magic in an esoteric nature setting :smiley: I like it very much and it is obvious that you got all the concepts together in a perfect way.

Hope for the finished project soon! :slight_smile:

Great project! Best wishes in finishing your game!

Great work, guys!

Very nice work!

Hope you’re able to finish it as you want it.

Look great. Are there some icons “borrowed” from WoW? :smiley:

Nice start guys. Keep it up !

And Yes, be carefull with the “borrowing” :wink:

Congratulations for this project. You relly put effort on this, I must recognize it. It’s really damn good.

Well done! i always liked the Heroes of Might and Magic gameplay,

Hoping it becomes a completed work!

Your game looks beautiful. Definitely continue developing it through to completion, you have a lot of the hard technical work done.

Keep up the great work!

Sorry I took so long to reply, spent a few days out of town. Thanks for all the warm words, we are going to try and finish it up by the end of the summer.

ho i skipped this post. Congrats that’s very nice!

You guys better keep this up! Great work.

Looks very nice, I’m a big fan of the older versions of Heroes of Might and Magic, this could be a nice alternative to the newer versions, which in my opinion have lost the spirit of the older ones…

Very impressive, especially considering that you were new to 3D graphics.

@nihal - Totally agree with you. I was just playing HOMM3 last week and I thought of how cool would it be to just make a clone of it with better graphics. :slight_smile: