Working From Multiple Computers

I am wondering what is the best method for developing from 2 different location. In my case I want to develop on my laptop at school, and on my desktop at home. I was wondering what the best method for this would be, is it possible to work from a flash drive/external hard drive or would a git program be better.

Multiple location development would push me towards a source control.
If you are going open source, you can use free source control hosting such as github (git) or sourceforge (svn).

Or bitbucket for git and closed source. For models etc. you might want to use git large file storage ( or other solutions.

Does you school have virtualbox/similar installed?

I use a external ssd for my whole os, and just plug it in whereever I am, and boot from it. (Or alternativly if not possible start it inside a vm)

Still sourcecode controll is a must have!

I use dropbox and git. Git I use for when I finish features and dropbox keeps the 3 or 4 computers I work on in sync with one another. Every now and then you will have to clean and rebuild but it works pretty well.

Regardless of whatever else you are doing… there is no good reason not to use source control. Use source control.

If you also need a portable environment, etc. then do that too… but always use source control.

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