Working with human chars: best way?

AFAIK there is some effort on making ragdolls, and md5 loading plans.

I wan't to know if it is possible to create a human char using multiple body parts (head, torso, legs…).

Currently I don't need skinned ragdolls (which would be very cool).

Using bones would be simple, just link the models with the bones and play the animation.

What advice or direction can you guys give me?

Wait for such feature and play with something else for now?

Help with the development?

Yet in the subject, would a specific class for human chars be a good addon?


I don't think anything specific to a person would be necessary as that wouldn't really be as generic of a solution as we would want.

As for model loading MD5s I know very little about that but I'm pretty sure the person that had been developing the MD5 stuff is no longer working on it.  That would be something we very much need someone to pick back up.

As for ragdolls.  If you can get your model loaded you can create a ragdoll from it, it's just how complicated it is to do.  I've been meaning to put out a little test to show that ragdolls are currently possible using jME-Physics, I just haven't taken the time to do it yet.  I have done some preliminary work on the DynamicPhysicsGroup which had been intending to be the encapsulation for ragdolls but I'm not too happy with it and it brought on the need to re-examine a lot of things before we can really provide a simple solution for ragdolls in jME-Physics.

So right now, yes ragdolls can be done, but no, they aren't all that simple yet.  This will hopefully be changing in the near future.


in it's present state it practically done it was intended to suppliment or replace jme own animation system and supports motion blending, it needs some work to make it compliant with 0.9 but not much I think, it doesn't suoport .mtr scripts nor bump mapping and is largely on documented its  in usercode forum,  not hard to find

if you would like too take a look I have a pre 0.9 build that works with it