Working with .obj files


When I Import a .obj file that has more than one element, the objToJME converter wants to create it as a node instead of a trimesh, I'm guessing that the node contains each element as a sperate trimesh?

Normally with my collsion detection, I can ge t the geometry in one call with a method in my class that creates the trimesh

public TriMesh getTrimesh(){
               return t;

then get the geometry for cosion detection with

collisionScene.attachStatic(new StaticCollider(fountain.getTrimesh, 250))

As its a node when the object has more than one element, the getTrimesh method no longer works.
How do I go about getting the geometry of all the elements?

Is it possible to still call both as one set of geometry, so that getTrimesh would return them as one mesh? or would it have to be split up, say getNumberOfElements,

new StaticCollider(fountainMesh[elementNumber], 250))


ok, I got as far as getting the elemnts.

Would Still be good for a way to combine them so my get triMesh method returns both elements as a single Trimesh.

I'm looking into combining the elements in max also so that this isn't an issue, but I'm not sure what is best from a design point of view. Guess it comes down to easier modeling/textureing vs porgramming/performance

heres the code fore egettinng the elements:

element1 = (TriMesh) t.getChild(0);

         public TriMesh getTrimesh(){
                return element1;