World code is commented out?

I just noticed that some important code in is commented out… in particular, the implementations of:





and their associated getters…

I only mention this because I'm planning on changing the max correction velocity, and I want to check that there wasn't an important reason for it to be commented out.

It's old code from early days of odejava and it's not used by jME Physics 2. If you're using odejava directly you don't need the World class from jME Physics 2 and if you're using jME Physics those methods are not called.

Anyways you can try to uncomment the methods and see what happens when you call them :slight_smile: (I have never used them myself)

Thanks, thats what I needed to know.

The one I've been playing around with (setMaxCorrectionVelocity) does seem to work just fine.