World Creation

Ok, So I am rather new to jme (I  have been playing around with it for a couple months but not gotten to terribly far with it) I am wanting to create my own games and have successfully done some fiddling but any time I want to have a world I have had to use the randomly generated terrain block to move my character on and the terrain has textures on it based on the height of any given point on the map.  This is all fine and good but I would like to create an actual map that is the same every time…something that I could have static meshes on and such that loads up and I play on…and is the same every time I load it.  I have tried using monkey world 3d and have had 2 main results…first is that it took forever for me to figure out how to get it loaded correctly so I could actually use it…and second it is very very slow for me and just not as nice as I would like (I am used to creating levels in the UT3 editor).  I have attempted to create my own editor using MW3D as a guide to what I need and how it could be implemented but the code does not seem well documented and has proven difficult for me to follow at times.  if anyone is able to help me with either a step by step tutorial (with pictures if possible :P) of the installation, setup, and example terrain creation using MW3D or even just some advice on how to get started with creating my own level editor…If I am able to get help creating an editor I will be more than happy to share what I make (hopefully shared as an application that you just double click and use :P) I appologise ahead of time If this should have been posted under some already created topic or if this has already been asked and solved…I have been searching for around 2+ months and have not found anything that quite fits…and again any assistance is greatly appreciated.  If what I have posted confuses anyone (I know that it is entirely possible) I am happy to try and clarify or answer questions about it

I'd suggest using Blender to create the world and all objects and then use the OgreXML scene exporter/importer way to get everything into jme.