World to screen coords


I need to position some text in the screen space (obviously) relatively to position of a Node in world space. I use DisplaySystem.getScreenCoordinates(). Our camera has locked direction and keeps moving to track main character from some near-iso perspective, but the getScreenCoordinates() returns different coords even if node is always at the center of the screen. Sometimes coords are outside visible screen area and surpass set resolution.

I guess that I misunderstood how getScreenCoordinates is supposed to work, but I believe that I explained my problem, so could you please tell me how to do it? Thanks.

What you are doing sounds exactly like what I have done a thousand times  and never had any problems :?

Can you provide more information, preferably a small test case?

Hum, lets see what could I tell to help…

Text spatial is attached to the “floating-text” Node which is attached to the root node. Neither “floating-text” or root node gets transformed in any way after initial values are set by construction (0,0,0).

This is last piece of code I tried to get positioning. I substract world camera position

So basically, while I was explaining to you what was I doing, I figured what am I doing wrong. I’m sorry, my mind keeps on losing focus. Feel free to delete this topic :slight_smile:

(I was being stupid enough to constantly ask for position of ‘this’ node (which is never translated), instead of providing position of node I want to track…)

Sorry again.