World ViewPort and Gui ViewPort processors

Is there possibility to do FilterPostProcessor for gui and world?

when i try add to both, then one of them stop work.

You can’t do that.

The GUI fpp will always override the main viewport’s fpp

Also FilterPostProcessor is not designed to work on the GUI viewport so the results might be unexpected.

What is it you want to do exactly? maybe i can help

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sometimes i just wanna make somethin more “nifty”.

and i had idea to do bloom effect when gui window is appearing.

i know there is always ability to create mesh in rootNode(like gui do on guiNode), but then it would be in bad viewport.

mhhh…well…actually to do that you would need to render the main viewport to a framebuffer, then have a special filter on the gui viewport that would mix the render from the main viewport and the render from the gui viewport.

It’s far from trivial though. If you want to give it a try take look at the TestRenderToMemory to know how to create a Frame buffer.

Then look at the ColorOverlayFilter to know how to implement your own filter.

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yeah, i dont thinked about it. tnx!

i tested RenderToMemory before, becouse i needed it to create images for objects in my inner game WorldBuilder :slight_smile:

so i will try to use it later. I think i will need to rebuild all standard JME scheme ;/