Worldforge Assetpack Missing Assets in Browser

Hi there,

I’ve been using the World Forge asset pack for a while now and it’s been super helpful. After checking out World Forge myself I noticed many models were not in the asset pack. I went through the process of attempting to convert these myself but then noticed… all the assets from World Forge are included in the asset pack, but do not show up in the Asset Pack Browser.

If I try to import these models directly from the asset pack folder using the mesh.xml importer, it doesn’t import properly like in the asset pack browser (even the ones that do show up in the asset pack browser and import properly from there)

If you could take a look, many assets do not appear in the browser and I’d love to use these. Specifically none of the trees show up in the browser.

Im not sure why it’s the case that only certain ones show up, but I would love to use all these assets and cannot figure out why one some of these show up.

Thanks for reading!