Would you play a game that looked like this?


I'm considering artistic renderings as opposed to realistic ones and am wondering if anyone would be willing to play a game if it looked that abstract. How important are graphics?

You play a game like that so:


For me, what more matter in a game is the gameplay, the graphics doesn't matter so much. I'm tired to see so many realistic graphic games with poor gameplay. I still prefer the good times of Alex Kid 8)


I’d definitely play a game that looks like that. Pretty much every worthwhile indie game out there relies on a unique art style. The costly production and optimization of high resolution assets just isn’t worth it if you have great gameplay and your visuals properly complement it.

@glaucomardano you know, there’s an English-subbed version of that too. Right now it’s just two foreign langages that 90% of our readers won’t understand :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe, I didn’t think about that :P. Also, I didn’t see the “Seu filho da puta!” in first video’s legend too :roll:.