Write to a .jme file


I have been doing research and generally understand how to load a .ms3d model, but how would I go to the next step and write it to a .jme file so that I dont have to convert it every time it loads?

an example of this would be the bike.3ds file and then the bike.jme file in the same folder.

If anyone could point me to any tutorials or anything I would appreciate it.

Well it's been a few weeks since I've used blender and modeler jnlp (see link below, "Loading your Ogre XML files into a jME Tool", 1. Click on this JNLP link to start up the Modeler with Java WebStart.) 

One way to do what you need is to import to blender, export to ogre xml, convert to jme with modeler.  Modeler works with at least jme, md5, and ogrexml.  I haven't tried the other importers yet.  Hope that helps. :smiley:


For file IO, the BinaryExporter/BinaryImporter comes into play. If you have scene data you want to save to a jme file (such as your model), use BinaryExporter's save(Savable object, File f) method. And not surprisingly, use BinaryImporter's load(File f) method for loading that jme file :wink:

thanks for the replies guys, I am going to try to get this working now.

Thanks again.