Writer's Block / Lack of Inspiration

While new to JMonkeyEngine I find myself stuck in the same situation I have when it comes to developing everything else… I just cant come up with an idea to create.

Anyone have tips or suggestions about finding inspiration or care to share where you inspiration came from?

Considering the amount of people with the opposite problem; ie, lots of ideas, but not the ability to realize them, maybe you should team up with someone like that? Let someone else worry about the creative part and focus on the technical side.

Maybe there should be an “ads” forum here, where people can advertise for others to create things with?

If you don’t want to go on and create a whole project by yourself, see if there is anything “techy” you could do that would help show JME off. I’m sure Erlend has a long list of things he’d like someone to do :wink:

  1. For example, the physics system has just been revamped, there’s some really cool water in. Someone posted a boyancy test on the forum a while back. Maybe combine them into a water racer?
  2. The cave demo that mazander did for jme2 and i converted to jme3 has “scalar fields” that can be used to create some really cool stuff (check out the nvidia article in the inital post, or google for some more inspiration). Besides, i never finished the vertex shader for jme3, so if you’re hot on shaders, maybe you can have a look at what’s wrong.
  3. Have a look at the “tests” folder and see if you can find some inspiration in there. Maybe it’s possible to do something really awe inspiring with one of them as a base?

    my 2c.