Wrong path (possibly…) in Hello Materials Exercise 1

I was reading the Hello Materials tutorial found here


and when I tried to do the first exercise I was getting an

[java]AssetNotFoundException: Materials/LeakThrough.j3m[/java]

Trying to figure out what could be wrong, I found that if I change the path in

java assetManager.loadMaterial( "Materials/LeakThrough.j3m")[/java]


java assetManager.loadMaterial( "Common/Materials/LeakThrough.j3m")[/java]

everything works fine. Maybe a mistake in the tutorial or am I doing something differently? I am using jmonkeyengine through NetBeans and I have put the LeakThrough.j3m in the jME3-core.jar, in the Common/Materials folder.

uh…no your doing something wrong, you’re not supposed to recompile the engine to make a game.

Just create a new Jme game project and put the LeakThrought.j3m file in the Assets/Materials folder.

You should use the SDK instead of pure NetBeans.

Indeed, I should use the SDK. I am experimenting so far only with NetBeans which is not the proper way I guess.

Thanks for the quick response nehon!

SDK is built on top of the netbeans and adds many shiny features for you :slight_smile:

or as normen puts it, netbeans is the JMEDK, but with less shiny features ^^

@wezrule said:
or as normen puts it, netbeans is the JMEDK, but with less shiny features ^^

Hah, I like that. :evil:

The tutorial says "create a file assets/Materials/LeakThrough.j3m", you should create that file in your game project directory (as discussed in a previous tutorial), not in the game engine sources.

The "Common" paths and the samples should work if you have jme and the test data jar on your classpath?

If you have any trouble or if the tutorial is unclear, I'll improve it.


@zathras said:

If you have any trouble or if the tutorial is unclear, I’ll improve it.

Very kind of you zathras, but i think it has to do with me, because I did not use the tutorial the "normal" way (by installing the jme sdk). All I did was use Netbeans, create a new Java project and put in the classpath all the appropriate jars (I used this tutorial to set up jme https://wiki.jmonkeyengine.org/legacy/doku.php/jme3:setting_up_netbeans_and_jme3). This way NetBeans does not give me the option to create a new jme project, which has all the necessary files and paths. So, not being able to find the appropriate path, I started "playing" with the jME3-core.jar. But I knew in the back of my mind that I must be doing something wrong, only I did not know what was it.

As a small enhancement/improvement, maybe say at the beginning of the tutorial that "the paths below will work only if you are using the jme sdk", or something like that?

Thanks a lot for your time guys.