Wubble World

Really nice stuff there, the UI kicks ass.

You should try fixing the shading in the scene, place the lights at the windows, and use stencil shadows, also you might want to try generating some radiosity maps for the inside of the house.

That looks great, very clean style. I'll never forgive you for putting a Journey song in my head though. :wink:

I did download the .dmg and try to play the game, but couldn't get past the login screen. Clicking the "create" button locked it up.

it looks very nice,

what did you use to create the interface?

Do you use FengGUI, BUI or something ?

Thanks for kudos.  The UI was done with FengGUI and our favorite artist.  As for the Journey song, how can you go wrong. 

The login server is acting flakey.  I'll check it out and let you know when it should be accessible again.  It seems that creating a new wubble fails, but not logging in with an existing wubble.