X-Shift Online

Good morning everyone. This post is partially to showcase what our team has accomplished, and also to potentially recruit some new talent. In the beginning of last year, we began work on an MMO called X-Shift (please don’t barrage me with your doomsday tales of failure, we’ve heard them all… actually, I’ve even told a few myself). Anyway, we have an incredibly talented team of mature professionals, most with degrees and experience in their fields (3d modeling, animation, programming, music composition, etc.)

X-Shift is a post-modern, dystopian/cyberpunk online game, with a ton of new ideas blended with the classic favorites of current and past online games. It is NOT another high-fantasy game with a cyberpunk paint job. We are in the process of finalizing our proposal to be presented to potential investors, while we continue work on the tech demo for the project.

Unfortunately, our senior, client-side programming (Lex) has had to take a break from the project and we are somewhat floundering without him. If anyone would be interested in joining us on this very ambitious project, please contact me (either here or on our forums: http://xshiftonline.com/community/)

And now, some screenshots of our work!

Any and all feedback welcome. Thanks.

As usual, this looks very interesting… keep up the good work!  :wink:

Thanks. Being indie with commercial goals can obviously get frustrating from time to time, but we just signed on 2 new modelers with 3 more potentially coming, so we're feeling good about the whole thing. Still, really looking for interested programmers to pick up on the client end of things.

Thanks again.

I'm in! Join up, people! :wink:

I would, but this semester I am swamped!  ://

Same here  :’(

Hey everyone. Wanted to stop in and post a new render. The latest members of our art department are absolutely phenomenal. Still looking for more programmers though! Hope this pique’s your interest  :wink: