Xbuf format – A developer friendly game exchange format for 3d data

I tried to ask if there is convenient API to create models in jMonkeyEngine application and save them as xbuf. I am wondering if one could craft 3d models in application (in world) and use xbuf as serialization format.

I will not said that the java API of xbuf is convenient. You can create xbuf data with java, I do it in assimp2xbuf. But I didn’t write exporter from jME to xbuf.

I hope that nanojava generator of protobuf 3 will generate a simpler java API (xbuf is a protobuf format).

I think the Ogre3D exporter does some automatic simplification. If this is not done by the xbuf exporter then probably it is good idea to run that manually in blender before exporting. 275k triangles and 550k vertices is a bit excessive but its what you get out from MakeHuman :).

Mesh simplification can be a complex process. IMHO it should be done on blender side or via a xbuf processor. A goal of xbuf is to allow creation of an asset pipeline (batch or realtime) . “Mesh simplification” could be a stage of the pipeline.

Hey, I just tried it today again, and with the current version everything works fine :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback and the retry (Good to now), I’ll not spend lot of time on xbuf during october but I can help and fix quick issue.

Gave it another try.
But with latest release (0.6.0) the addon doesn’t show up in the list of addons in blender 2.74 after intallation.
Tried with 2.76 and same issue…

clone the git, zip it, at least that was my workflow.

@Nehon, follow the guide at http://www.xbuf.org/get_started/ (using git clone, or “download zip” button is the common way too have blender zip addons, at least for the last addons I tried).

I did follow the guide.
The download button downloads the 0.5.0 and It fails to initialize with an error.
So i wanted to use the latest. I’m trying with the git clone

I guess you’re not on the master branch, the link of “Download ZIP” (in the guide or in the github page is https://github.com/xbuf/blender_io_xbuf/archive/master.zip)

haaaa yes \o/
It worked, onto next step thanks :wink:

The archive of the modelviewer is not the last version (missing some bug fix, improvement). but it should display model. I tested the guide on windows last week-end and I didn’t make change since.

Thanks for feedback.

How should I do it?
Can you help me .

You probably want to install and read a tiny bit about git.

Then the links on the right hand side of this page will be more obvious:

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yay, It works now :smiley:
Going to test some of my models :smiley:

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Seems to be Khronos version of portable format.

Funny we were just talking about it in the core chat.
To sum up our feeling about it :
“Let’s hope it’s not another Colada like fisaco.”
“Won’t be a thing until major 3D editors have a proper exporters.”
“If it ever become a thing then, we need to be able to load it in the engine”

I took a look to gltf last year, and the year before. The format includes interesting things, it’s why I listed it with OpenGEX as inspiration for xbuf ;-).

One of the difference in the ecosystem, is that xbuf can generate parser/loader for lot of programming language, where other require to write them from spec and some sample.