XBuf Updates - migrating to java & physics!

First Result of my experimenting with xbuf in JME 3.1 beta 1 :
hope it helps xbuf developers.

it seems xbuf importer does not import specularity settings from blender.

Animation importing works pretty well in xbuf.

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I’d say xbuf is more correct than the blender importer regarding specularity. This girl look ridiculously wet with blender exporter.

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actually it is not a problem which one looks better because we can change it in blender.

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you mean it also look ridiculously wet in blender? :stuck_out_tongue:

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here is how it looks in blender:
with specularity = 1

with specularity = 0

I think it would be easy to include this value when exporting from blender to xbuf.

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FYI, loader2 will replace loader after more test and integration with the jme3_xbuf_remote (and so blender’s xbuf render).

@Ali_RS, I’ll look at your issue tomorrow. specular and specular Map should be supported. thanks for your feedback.

@nehon, using jme’s SkeletonControl or the fork, will be configurable.


Second result : Animations

importing an animated model with one rig and separated meshes .

Xbuf importer:

as you see it just keep one AnimControl for all meshes with same animation which is pretty cool.

Blender Importer :

it copies the same AnimControl for each mesh which might be pretty annoying or may not (because you can play separate animation for each mesh )

So animation importing is pretty well with xbuf.

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@Ali_RS thanks a lot for doing all these tests, since i’ve never found the willingness to do them myself. :sweat_smile:


You’re welcome.
Really glad that you like it.
Unfortunately my knowledge is so less to contribute in this and many other similar projects
so testing them and reporting bugs is the least I can do for JME. Will be glad if I can be any help. :grinning:

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I have a new lawn mower that needs testing on my unkempt lawn, are you free on the weekend ?


Third Result :

1- Auto bake animation when exporting to xbuf (no need to manually bake it in blender). So you can keep the main (unbaked) animation in blender for future edit .

2-Loading .xbuf is pretty much faster than loading .blend in run time.

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like using that nla strip crap as used by the ogre exporter, or some other animation baking ?

I should hope so

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blender_io_xbuf convert a nla strip into an animation, and bake the animation before export.

sorry for poor audio.