,XML being stretched oddly

I made a simple pacman type plane to see what it would do inside of jme. The model would be at 0 → 20 on the y axis, but when I load the .xml into jme it is making the model go to roughly -5 → 50 on the y axis so its getting stretched on the y axis by a lot. I do not have a scaler put on, and if I try to put a scaler on the model does not appear at all now.

Are you loading the .scene or .mesh.xml file? If you load the .mesh.xml, you must apply transforms in Blender.

I am loading the .mesh.xml what transforms do you speak of?

If it is scaling and such the model looks the way i want it to in blender, but once it is moved to jme it gets scaled along the y axis only to be very stretched.

You created the model in Blender. Each model in Blender has a transform. You need to apply those transforms so the model is exported with identity (e.g. zero) transform.

I have tried all the different transform options in blender such as global, local, normal, etc… and the model still becomes stretched along the y axis once it is loaded into jme.