XML highlighter slight problem

If you use a self-closing tag the XML highlighter doesn’t count it when highlighting parent tag.

Ok, a bit hard to understand I think.

If you have a self-closing tag like so:


<panel width=“5px” />


And that tag has other panel parents, one of the parent tag will get a red highlight meaning there’s an error, but there isn’t. If we want to have no error, we’ve got to change that tag to:


<panel width=“5px”></panel>


Is that fixable? That would really help with troubleshooting Nifty XML files, or just for verification/navigation.

Hm, don’t know why that might be so, is that with the current nightly? As in a recent reinstall? Or could it be its an update from when the nightly base platform was broken but had a more recent version?

Honestly AFAIK it’s always been that way. Just decided that I’ve had enough and complained about it. :wink:

As far as nightly, everything is up to date with latest updates.

Ok, just wanted to know. Guess this is an issue for the NetBeans platform devs then…