Xorg crashes when running the demos

Replying to myself.

I've ran some more tests, including running the lwjgl demos. The lwjgl demos run fine, no crashes at all. I've replaced the bundled lwjgl jars and .so files with the files from the latest lwjgl release and upgraded my linux kernel to 2.6.13. Both didn't help, the problem is still there. I did get a tip to add a Thread.sleep(10) inside the simpleUpdate method. This seems to help, but naturally the performance suffers quite a lot. As slowing down the application seems to help, might this be a threading issue? Maybe it is because my system is dual cpu?

Wow, you're not the only one to have this problem today. :o  Try sticking a Thread.sleep(10) in your simpleUpdate method and it should fix the problem.  You might even be able to get away with Thread.sleep(1);

I think there is some problem with Java not working and playing well with other processes (particularly X) in some configuration on Linux.

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Well, actually I'm the same person as on IRC, and you were the one who gave me the tip

Okay, that makes me feel better…I was a bit scared for a minute there. :o

Try letting it run for a while.  I think that will solve your problem.  The reason I thought that would fix it is because X is probably locking up because it gives processor time to jME and it starts hammering the simpleUpdate() over and over as fast as it can and just refuses to give the processor back for anything else (that whole not working and playing well with others ideology).  Sticking the the Thread.sleep(1) sort of forces it to do that.  It says, "lets take a break for 1/1000 of a second" and then the other children get a chance to play with the toy too. :o