XSI models

Hi there,

I'm making a new game using jME. The models I want to use where made by some animators who use SoftImage|XSI. Does anyone have an idea how I could best import these kind of models in the engine.



porobably collada an OBJ.

obj doesn't support animations afaik

Yep, sfera, you are right: OBJ does not support animation. For static models it is a great (the best) file format, though.

If collada is not an option for you, Hugo, you can always try to convert the models using Milkshape3D as jME's Milkshape3D importer works quite fine.

I have no idea though, how good Milkshape3D's XSI importer is in practice.

sorry, I was too brief.

Sort of was in a hurry (like now, lol)

OBJ is great for items, objects, etc.

BUT…Mainly I did recommend it as tends to keep greatly smoothing groups (hard edges) , has good uv mapping support, and good material support. Togehter with no other limits that you would find with *.3ds, etc. Milkshape format is also great, maybe in some aspects better, for also statics, items.

But actually, none of those support multiple uv channels and lightmaps support. Collada support all sorts of stuff for levels and objects, together with character animation, fullly. That you can export all sort of stuff from XSI through this format, am practically certain. Wether till which point this is supported in the Jme collada importer, is something I actuaslly don't know. If good support is on it, by all means it'd be just collada  for all.

One thing is how good is a format, and another different is till which point is it supported in a game engine.

You can use collada or obj for static models.  I still haven't successfully loaded an animated model into jmonkey from XSI.  If I find a solution, I'll let you know.