Hi all,


I am the new proud owner of XSI 4.2 Advanced Edition! And its bloody wicked!


Anyways, i have created a little .jme exportor (in xml format) for an model that is in XSI. Its a little JScript which can be embedded very easily into any toolbar panel and with a simple click of a button, poof, u got yourself a valid .jme file (that you need to convert to binary first :))

Would anyone be interested in it?


Well, it could be another exporter for jme, although I don’t know if it would be useful…


PS: XSI ,$6,995… You bought it ? :stuck_out_tongue:


I bet he bought same than I bought just when the price drop came (i think now some month ago) …XSI Foundation…500$ is not that bad :wink:

Specially for the huge power it has.

It has a very nice exporting format , called dotXSI. They have inside softimage company, a team dedicated to real time stuff, game engines.

Reason why all the work in dotXSI, it’s SDK, and the FTK (file transfer toolkit) I think both FTK (that one sure) , and SDK are totally free for whoever (u know, softimage is making a difference with other companies, lately)

I had already thought someone in jME could make very easily an exporter. dotXSI is ascii, and showed to my perhaps going to be partner in certain jme game (and extremely tallented java coder) …My friend, as himself is full time now at game job, can’t dedicate time to it… and anyway, if he’d do it would be months later on, and probably a direct prot to our game…

XSI is a total jewel. It has an already working *.x exporter, and even better, an importer, which is really rare in highend packages. But as an external plugin which I have tested to work perfect. Also an obj i/o, but this one built in…and at last, the dotXSI format, the one to port more stuff out of XSI. It’s been said it must be quite easy thanks to this to integrate xsi with an engine, with all put in favour for it for the company.

Indeed, I had a problem with x plugin, and the company people helped me a lot.

Bones in XSI is a dream come true. It has internal built in normal maps and lightmaps, for what i have already read…and u can’t compare 500$ with the 3500$ of max…

Only thing to lack is hair rendering simulation, but that’s ok for games…Engines wil not be able to do renderable hair for a while, I am afraid… The pitty is as xsi hair is one of the best inhighend packages.

But u already get a crazy bargain for 500$.

Only that…better have a great screen…with 1280x1024 at high Hz…like at least 75 or better 85 hz…

DP, it’d be great if u’d make an XSI converter to jME, really great :slight_smile:

I am seing several 3d artist buying the package like us, for the power they obtain…usually is not bought by the 3d newbie, but the old 3d artist thirsty of more power…

So, kudos if u make a converter or something…

btw, I yet model in wings3d and uv map in Ultimate Unwrap…u know, the old gloves keep fitting so greatly… :wink:

I purchased more xsi for animation, and as have a great GI renderer (mental ray 3.3) , lightmaps, normal maps, etc, etc, etc…and the pleasure to grab so highend thing for 500$

“XSI 4.2 Advanced Edition”


u went and bought the advanced!!! 6k…woah…well, then yep, is the only version to have renderable hair (in case u’r into 3d rendering and movies)

I never said I bought it…My uncle did! :wink:

And yes, XSI is jolly good in every sense of the word…

Il see if I can get my exporter in xsibase.com as a script or a plugin


Only thing to lack is hair rendering simulation, but that's ok for games... Engines wil not be able to do renderable hair for a while, I am afraid....

The fur effect works very well with game when it's not heavyly used :P I've seen some games that used it works perfectly (FFCC on Gamecube, some demos on nvidia's and ati's website etc...).


fur? realtime render effect? woah, I don’t know were thing are gonna lead us…

That could be a nive effect to add to jme although I’ve never tried to achieve this effect before… I’ll look into it, but I don’t promise anything :slight_smile:


Hair is very hard to simulate in real time due to the enourmous amount of calculations needed to perform on each hair. Not to mention the vertex count. You will also need to take into consideration wind and its direction and its width/height.

Actually, i think if you were to modify the LaserTrail in the code review to use Lines instead of a mesh, and each point in the control frame representing the position of say 20 hairs, then your ready to go!

However, as you probably know, lines for hair isn’t the best thing in the world :slight_smile: