Hi all, it means ( Yet Another Gui) hehe,

Well, don’t mean to over come any of the guys job, i did some nice gui:

As you can see, buttons, ( not visible, toggles ) sliders, and layout managers.

On the left is Border Layout, middle is ToolbarLayout, on the right is sliders thing.

Resizable frame:

Please don’t notice the arrow ;).

This frame can be resizable also

well last but not least some sort of menus:

Hehe, Ugly menu.

Ok, this is not meant to be an in game gui while it can be, but i am planning to use it for my edititor (SWT are really big), which will end 2050 hehe.

Adding component is very easy:

Button b = new Button("My editor");
         b.addMouseListener(new MouseListener.Stub() ) {
             public void mousePressed(MouseEvent e) {
                    System.out.println("Someting happend");

Also it doesn't depend on Spatial, or vetor class (Have my own). (its some sort of a plugin, which means it can be used in Jme or any other OpenGl renderer).
Yet it needs work but if any body want to use it, or have some ideas on how to use just say something.
Hope i will win some support from you guys.


Nice job, it’ll be interesting to seewhere you go with this… keep it up!

Thanks renanse, in the mean time dev is progressing nice, i hope that i will have some demos really soon.