Yes ! I can move through the 3ds world!

It is great. I finally got all elements for creating a game. I think so. My brother works with 3dStudio and I finally have a java engine for a manipulate with its work, so home game developing can start and I don't need to listen brothers complains why I don't learn C++. I tried TestMaxJmeWrite with 3ds samples and it works, I can navigate through the 3ds world. My question is

  1. Can I create scene, models etc in 3DStudio and manipulate with it as TestMaxJmeWrite sample shows ?  I mean I dont't need to export scene to some other formats (xml, vrml…) to got on a speed or something else ?

    I ask that because 3DMonkeyWorld editor creates levels and save all in xml file. What I got with vs 3DStudio ?

You can manipulate an imported scene. Moving objects in there, etc., should be easy. MonkeyWorld3D can do other things than 3D studio could - defining event triggers, creating skyboxes, effects, dedicated terrain objects, multiple objects using the same mesh…

For a performant game you will need to import small parts of your world as meshes (e.g. 3ds) and compose a world from them, as this affects number of triangles to be uploaded to the graphics card (see SharedMeshes), frustum culling (see scenegraph organization and boundings), …

Yes, MonkeyWorld3D do other things than 3D Studio Max do, like irrisor said, but you can still uses 3DS files, like you could use XML files, that it will be the same performance… Both need to be read from disk…  :D  :smiley:

But, for performance you need to know how to use the number of vertices on your 3DS, meshes, uses of SharedMeshes and frustum culling on JME…

Remember that 3D Studio Max have a very usefull modifier for your objects, that gives you a little more performance (the modifier "OPTIMIZE", but adjust this correctly, to not affect, normals, lighting, of your object )  :wink:

Have a good job…  :smiley: