YourKit Profiler

The YourKit team is willing to give us licenses for their new profiler version. They ask us to use the early access version and the early access license (expires after some time, can be obtained on until the final release is finished.

I will post here again when I received the non-expiring license.

I've been using that since my trial expired. It has some improvements, most notably in memory profiling, however it was kinda buggy on my old machine. For example, starting it (with any kind of profiling running) with jME never worked. Only attaching later and then starting the profiling didn't crash the VM. Never had that problem with the stable version though.

YourKit decided to give the license for a 2 page technical success article, only  :x  - I won't write that because I it takes so much time and I don't need the profiler any moreā€¦ so no license for us  :frowning:

That's too bad.  I suspect they figure we'll buy anyway if we got hooked on it.  Ah well.

To think that I've had several PMs from people asking me "what's that profiler you're using?" after posting my first YourKit results here. I guess they'll have to miss the free advertisingā€¦