Youtube PBR Tutorial Series

I’ve seen quite some people here say that they don’t use PBR since they don’t know how to. And they are partially correct, since the documentation about how to use it isn’t quite there unless you don’t mind reading the source code or Nehon’s (very well written, but quite technical) articles.

So I’m starting a YouTube tutorial series that is supposed to explain how to use it, without getting too technical. Intended for people who know how Lighting.j3md works and would like to upgrade to PBR, but don’t really care what’s under the hood.

Part 1 is already live:

Feedback is very welcome.


great job! 2 quick feebacks:

  • use higher poly sphere, its not 1998 =P
  • at 1:40 you said there are no reflections in lighting.j3md : this is not correct, you can use envMap for this.
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Laziness > right click on a node > add spatial > primitives > sphere
I do have intentions to use actual models in the next part(s) now that the fundamentals are established.

That is already addressed in the pinned comment since youtube doesn’t provide a proper way to just stick some text over the video anymore sadly and I really didn’t want to redo everything :sweat_smile:

yes, i also noticed they dont have this online video editor anymore.

also, over the last week or so, some of the time youtube ads are crashing my chrome, on 2 different machines, and on my smart tv

Long overdue, but after people on jme discord poked me every so often about where’s part 2, I finally got around to making it. Enjoy.