Hello everybody.

I am working on a game for about a week and after a lot of problem i can release a first pre-alpha version.

I host this myself, so the bitrate is very low. I am looking for a place to host this, without advertisements. But i don’t need any php.
This is under GPLv3

This is a puzzle game, even if now levels are easy. There is a story in this game that i’ll try to developp, and you can find it on the website but currently it’s in french. The game however is not in any language (and it’s a part of the story :wink: ).
What i did during this week is create a core that support scripts. I’ll improve it more and more.
The script language i use is “lua” but i am thinking about add other script language in the future. If you want to edit levels (or create your owns) they are in the “assets/Levels”. If you want to add your own level in the game, you have to edit the “level0.lua” file to change the first “real” level. Any way, this is not definitive, i 'll work on settings soon.
I had some problem to use lua (luaj) in an applet, but i think i’ll create other thread to talk about issues i met and how to fix them.

Commands are :
Shift. Right Run (while walking)
Ctrl. Right Jump
Arrow up Forward
Arrow down Backward
Arrow left Straf to left
Arrow right Straf to right
Page down Use/Activate
Ctrl. Left Free/capture the cursor
Echap Quit (doesn’t work on the applet)

The website is ugly, and i know it. I didn’t spent a lot of time on it.
I’ll try to translate the story soon.


SORRY if you are experiencing issues with the website. Was my bad, i was trying to do something but i failed. I know that some o you encountered a 500 error, and i am sorry for that.

EDIT 2 :
direct link to the applet of the game :
EDIT 3 : fix the address :stuck_out_tongue:

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@bubuche said: EDIT 2 : direct link to the applet of the game :

Local address?

yeah, my bad. For a reason that i don’t know, i can’t access to my computer via my public ip. Maybe it’s normal, my classes about networks are far from me.

Ok, now it’s fixed (you already had the correct address before though)

Well if by any chance you speak german i would give this a try: http://uberspace.de/
alternativly some kind of vroot hoster, you should be able to get a perfectly decent one for around 5-10€ month

I really like the game, the idea is pretty cool.
Der controls aren’t very intuitive, maybe you could improve that a little (or was it on purpose?),
but all in all a very cool game :slight_smile:

Fallspeed is to slow i think.

ok, i updated the game.

You can find it on the website.

I also translated the story, even if i know that the translation is not perfect.

I plan to add more level soon (you already have some new level in this 1.2 version) and i think i’ll make a 1.2.1 release this week.
I added some other key for actions. As i am not a right-handed person, i don’t know if you prefer these keys or not. Anyway, this is just a quick “fix” to the problem, i plan to have a full setting file in which you’ll be able to edit all commands (and later an in-game option to edit this file).
I also increased the fall speed, and i fixed some bugs. Believe me, i work a lot on this, but i want to have something good and when i do something i try to do it well. I take time to fix all the small bugs and to add a new feature like the save and keep this feature available in the applet is not that easy. Anyway, i hope you’ll enjoy it.

If you want to create your own level, you can have a look at mines : they are in the asset folder, in the “Levels” folder. I use lua for the scripting part.

gimme your opinion on the story ^^

ok, a new version has been released (since yesterday actually).
You can access it at the address :
(the 1.3 version)

I mostly check that the applet version work, but i think others work too.
For the applet, i am looking for a way to put all the files in a single jar, so the applet won’t need and signed part. Right now, MY application don’t need any signed part, but the lwjgl ask to connect to the server and … but it’s an other problem :smiley:

I think i’ll host my project on sourceforge.

About the 1.4 version (the next version), i think i’ll take a little more time than a week to release it, as something HUGE is coming in this version: Xi, a real implementation a the A.I. that will create levels (and puzzles) on the fly and according to your results in th previous levels.
It’s a lot of work though, and even if i succeed to formalize the whole process i now need to improve the relevance of the result and the speed of the generation. I already got some nice result in some very easy 2d environnement.

I’ll maybe release a 1.3.1 version during the next week, to fix some bugs.

See ya.

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