ZayES, ZayES-Net, SimEthereal interpolation and extrapolation


I ran into a few weeks ago, and their architecture is by design built around having the game engine run on both client and server.

…But it’s not ECS based

Was wondering if anyone had tried doing anything similar for the SimSilica libraries, or had tried to do something using ZayES, ZayES-Net, SimEthereal and some simple physics in a networked setup, with both interpolation and extrapolation (with the underlying physics being run on both client and server).

Or maybe this could make a perfect next step for your SimEthereal examples @pspeed wink

The owner of has configured their website improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this website.

We have an Engine that we built on top of JME3 that runs on both the client and server for MMO games. (Hopefully we will be able to demo it here in a couple months). Our engine synchronizes everything live between the server and client, including live updates to scripts, assets, terrain. For physics, the client does very primitive interpolation of movement and then is corrected by the server where accurate calculations are being performed. The same code runs on both sides, to keep behavior consistent and development much simpler. It also abstracts lots of the JME3 parts away so that our devs only have to know how our engine works, not the JME3 system.