Zero linear velocity

I'm moving my player setting a linea velocity to him.

Now I would like to check when he is moving and when not, so I thought to measure the linea velocity during the update cicle but the values are oscillating.

Is there a range for 0 velocity or a way to report it to 0 or another way to determinate if the player is moving ?

Not sure what you mean. Reading velocity should be fine. The debug view displays it with a gray arrow. Is that arrow 'oscillating', too?

I mean :

when I press forward I set a velocity to the player wich decade in some seconds.

In update cicle, I would check if the player is still moving to set the animation.

By now I do it by checking a range of values, because it seems that the DynamicPhysicNode is never quite, despite the 1

Ah, yes, keeping a very low velocity while visually only lying around is common behavior of ODE bodies. This can be fine-tuned with ERP, CMF, auto-disable and step-size. But simply comparing velocity to a threshold near zero should be fine, too.