Zero Separation Press Release


23rd October 2012 - London, England: Zero Separation Ltd has just released the first Teaser Trailer for their upcoming Trading Card MMO: HeroDex. Also announced is the launch date for the website for this exciting new game. On this date a full-lenth trailer will be released alongside many feature sections.

The Teaser Trailer is available on the Zero Separation YouTube stream at:

The new website will launch on: Monday 29th October

The website will appear at:

Press information including screenshots and other artwork for Zero Separation and HeroDex can be found at:

The release date for the game has yet to be determined, however an Invitation-Only Beta will be announced soon. The game will initially be available on Windows, Macintosh and Linux platforms as Java and OpenGL drivers are all that are required to run the game.

HeroDex features online solo play versus computer opponents along with competitive and co-operative play against or alongside other players. This brand new Virtual Trading Card Game offers quick-paced matches that can be completed in only a few minutes. The gameplay with a unique feats-based advancement system and a flexible deck building system will keep people coming back for more.

Matches have been described as a cross between Poker and Rock-Paper-Scissors (Roshambo) with bluffing and anticipating your opponent’s next move forming a large part of the strategy. All moves are made at the same time with each round finishing once everyone has made their move or the time limit is reached - so even large matches proceed quickly. The suspense of waiting to see what cards your opponent will reveal can become intense and the satisfaction of having outsmarted them delicious.

Players start with a free “Fighter” hero and starting deck. Further cards can be acquired in game or purchased from the store, as can a range of different Heroes each with their own deck. A tutorial introduces new players to the game and allows the first new cards to be added to your deck as you progress.

Play is free, with no subscription or credit card details required and no hidden fees. Buy packs of cards from the store or earn cards in game and once you have them you will never be charged to use them.

Zero Separation is an independent games developer based near London, England.


Just embedding the video:



Cool video, although I felt like the live action footage clashed a bit with the game. You could try applying some filters to heavily stylize it, e.g. making it look like two indistinguishable shadow figures trading blows.

Believe it or not we already did “drawingize” the video :slight_smile:

Potentially not heavily enough based on what you just said but if you look at the pre and post videos side by side there is a big difference.

The press release got picked up in a few places too. This is what we know of so far:

And then one of those picked up by another site

…it’s a start :slight_smile:

Wow, very nice! Where else besides your own website and here did you announce it? If you know where they picked it up from, you might have some recommendations for other jMonkeys.

You should consider trying out promoterapp to track the incoming reviews.

And yeh, I did notice the existing filter, but at that strength I think it made it look more grainy than drawing-styled.

I trawled appropriate sites etc looking for contact emails/tip submission forms…then I emailed/submitted the press release to the appropriate places :slight_smile: It wasn’t a 10 minute job finding them.

In fact I never did find one for so if anyone does spot a press release submission email address or form for them then I’ll trade ya :smiley:

I’ll keep the comment on the filter in mind if we need it again. The last website launch video just got finished today and they are all using in-game footage not any of the live action stuff. Just a few tweaks left on the website and we are ready for Monday.

Then it’s get cracking on getting that first Beta release ready.

I’m aware of promoterapp, I don’t see it adds enough value to warrant spending the time looking at and administering yet another system though and we would hit the limits on their free trial pretty fast. (Depending on how they count “reviews” we are already 25% of the way through the limits on reviews and that’s not counting any that might have gone out today that we don’t know about yet).

The list of sites looks interesting/useful but again I’ve already compiled one myself.

I already have google analytics, facebook insights, google alerts, etc, etc…