Zombie game update 1.0.0 - Video included :D

I thought you might wanted to know how my zombie game was going. I’v done some good changes and improvements and

I was eager to share them with you :smiley:


Also if you have a project going, post video reponses here too :)
I would like to know how other people are doing :D

Hahaha, very neat stuff. I guess the slow framerate comes from the videograbber. How about adding some shadows and blur? Will make the game look nicer in an instant :wink:

Yea, Ill add the shadows later.

Right now my pixel accelerator is dead and I have to get a new one.

Just applying a normal texture to the industry windows made it lag much more.

Hehe, funny :slight_smile: Congrats to your very own game :wink:

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m proud to say that it’s 2300 lines and Im not confused about any part :smiley:

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lol nice, you write code so fast, i am still at 600 lines …

im surprised your not better at the game ;), good job tho, keep it up

It’s l4d3 :D.